Blank Cards – Appropriate for Any Occasion!


blank greeting cards


'What use is there for a blank card?' you may ask? Simply put, they're useful for anything!

While they generally will have some kind of image, decoration, pattern, or artistic designs, you'll find they don't have a caption like a card typically would (Yes, this means extra effort to write something yourself!).

See our Camden Graphics range, for example.

You'll usually see an image on the front - be it elaborate and colourful, or neat and simplistic, but how do they come in useful?

How are Blank Cards Advantageous?

The absence of a caption allows for anything - appropriate for any occasion! Retirement? Sure. Birthday? Sorted! There is opportunity to write anything, and you provide the context yourself. Needless to say, blank cards certainly come in handy if you're in a rush and can't find a card with the perfect caption (provided you remember to write something, though!).

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