Father's Day - Where Does it Come From?


Father's Day Cards | Where does father's day come from


When is Father's Day?

On Sunday, June 20th, the many appreciated Fathers across Ireland will be served breakfast in bed, given beautifully written cards, hugs, and will get to put their feet up for the day… (that’s realistic, right?). We’ve grown familiar with Father’s Day as a tradition, but where does it come from?

How Did it Begin?

Though Mother’s Day had a straightforward declaration, through Christians visiting their ‘mother church’ during Lent, Father’s Day wasn’t so quick to become official.

Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington was the daughter of William Jackson Smart. In May 1909, Dodd observed a Mother’s Day Sermon in church, and felt it was necessary to dedicate a day to her own father. Dodd’s mother having died during childbirth meant that her father had the responsibility of singlehandedly raising his daughter. After negotiations with Spokane’s Mayor, Father’s Day was celebrated the following year on June 19th, where young women handed out red roses to their fathers. Fast Forward to 1966 - President of the United States at the time, Lyndon B. Johnson, made a proclamation to celebrate fathers annually on the third Sunday of June

So, there you go! Not only does your dad deserve breakfast in bed with an extravagant card, but you may as well go ahead and buy him roses too!

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