The Personal Touch of a Greeting Card


Why do people send cards | advantages of greeting cards

Living in a technology-driven society, many of us have grown more dependent on the convenience brought to us by our mobile devices and the internet. Would you really have remembered that one friend's birthday had it not been for Facebook reminding you? Perhaps it's easier than marking it on the calendar? Nevertheless, that notification having prompted you to write on their timeline shows them you haven't forgotten... right?


Just How Important Are Cards?

That being said, the greeting cards market being a $7.5 billion annual industry shows that there are still countless cards being written and sent each year. Why is this, given the convenience of the internet, social media, and e-greeting cards?

Handwritten cards and letters have been the longest standing form of communication, and from it, comes a personal touch that, arguably, can't be achieved by sending a text. The physical effort of going to a shop to choose a specific design, and deliver a heart-felt, handwritten message shows a level of authenticity that simply can't be compromised. Having a physical piece of card can hold a significant amount of sentimental value. It offers aesthetic pleasure- you can touch it, smell it, store it somewhere safe, and have it out on display - not to mention the memories it can hold years later.

Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong with sending a text or posting online to mark an occasion - it depends on the individual, but you just can't deny the impact a handwritten card may have on someone. Brownie points if you manage to make them giggle on their birthday with one!

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